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SpeakLive, Blog, 8th March 2024 – Trapped in Loveless Marriage 

Kannada Planet, 8th March 2024 – Women in Politics; an Illusion, Kannada

Salar Newspaper English, 6th March 2024 – PM flays MGNREGA despite it helping millions

Vijay Karnataka, 4th March 2024 – BBMP has failed in Conservation of Lakes

Salar Newspaper English, 13th Feb 2024 – India under Modi: Polices, Schemes or Propaganda? 

Deccan Herald, 3rd Dec 2024 – Domestic Violence: An untamed evil

Salar Newspaper English, 14th Nov 2023 – Caste Census: Congress’s attempt at counting the uncounted

Salar Newspaper English,  6th Nov 2023 – Digital lending apps are death traps killing people

Salar Newspaper English,  26th Oct 2023 – 50% of population menstruates, then why is paid leave a problem?

SpeakLive, Blog, 13th Oct 2023 – Children of Lesser Deity 

Salar Newspaper English, 29th Sept 2023 – Justice Delayed, Justice Denied 

Vistara News, 19th Sept 2023 – Women Reservation Bill in Parliament

Salar Newspaper English, Sept 2023 – Brand Bengaluru, Bandaged Lakes 

Vistara News, 17th Aug 2023 – Discontent among Party Workers, MLC Nominations

Dighvijaya News, 7th July 2023 – Karnataka Budget 2023

Deccan Herald, 7th July 2023 – Labour Pains

Salar Newspaper English, 4th July 2023 – Fresh reforms needed to refine labour force 

Vistara News, 16th June 2023 – Rice Politics, Anna Baghya 

Sugandha TV, 15th June 2023 – Short Interview 

Naanu Gauri, 14th June 2023 – MLC Elections, Women Representation 

BTV News, 9th June 2023 – BJP-JDS Alliance for LS Elections 2024

Vistara News, 6th June 2023 – Congress Guarantee Schemes 

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