Our Politics should be where our Heart is, slightly Left of Center
Secular, Progressive, Equality, Individual Rights, Inclusive, Social Justice, Pro-People - A Billion and One Voices 

Why Politics?

My move to join active politics has been a result of ever growing anger in India on the political class. India has lost faith in its political class and is drifting away, which can be devastating for the democracy and the very Idea of India. I strongly believe that time has come to clean the mess and flush out the clogged drainage and unless committed and honest people take up active role in politics we will not be able to change the narrative. I look forward for support and wishes from all fellow Indian who seek change, and I encourage like minded people to take active role in changing the face of politics in India and leave behind a better India when our journey ends".



Office Address:

227, 31 Main, 7 Cross

Sector-1, HSR Layout

Bengaluru – 560102

Karnataka, India


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