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Residents Watch 8th Aug 2020 - COVID19 - Diary of a Social Worker and Adventurer

CNN News18 23rd July 2020 - BBMP Apathy during COVID19 times

Prajaa TV 6th June 2020 - People Leaving Bengaluru, COVID19 Crisis

Praajapara TV, 27th June 2020 - Views on BBMP, Exams, Flyover, COVID19 

Times of India, 28th Feb 2020 - Citizens claim 17 new sweeping units not in use, Palike says 8 in use

Bangalore Mirror, 26th Feb 2020 - 15 more machines to ensure a clean sweep

Power TV  21st Feb 2020 - Amulya Slogans on Pakistan

Prajaa TV 18th Feb 2020 - Hubbali KLE College Sedation Case 

Gauri Lankesh Media, 13th Feb 2020 - Nation at cross roads: Fascism has to be fought relentlessly on all fronts

TV5 Kannada 1st Feb 2020 - Union Budget 2020, What is for Women in the Budget?

Media Coverage of sending Learn Kannada Book to Minister Sreeramulu

Suvarna News  Public TV News18Kannada Udayavani

Clips od CAA NRC NPR Protests

Power TV 11th Jan 2020 - Deepika Padakone JNU visit

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