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Dighvijaya News, 23rd Jan 2022 - Mega Debate, Udupi Govt College Hijab Issue

Ahmedabad Mirror, IANS, 28th Nov 2021 - Clearing encroachments in India's Silicon Valley appear to be 'distant dream'

Salar, 25th Nov 2021 - Angels at work: The ASHA movement deserves more

Salar, 17th Nov 2021 - The future of our water resources must be conserved 

Salar, 6th Nov 2021 - The sad tale of Bengaluru and its dwindling greenery

Salar, 20th Oct 2021 - Authorities must step up and protect Bengaluru's lakes

Dighvijaya News, 17th Oct 2021 - Fuel Price Increase

Education World, October 2021 - IT capital’s shocking digital education divide

Deccan Herald, 17th Oct 2021 - Activists to perform Pothole Pooje in Bengaluru to embarrass govt

ToI, 16th Oct 2021 - Irked, they resort to pothole puja

Salar, 13th Oct 2021 - BBMP continues to send tax payer money down the drain

Multiple Media Coverage, 9th Oct 2021 - Sidlaghatta Event

Salar, 5th Oct 2021 - India's employment crisis 'Any job is better than no job'

New Delhi Chronicle, 3rd Oct 2021 - She the Law Maker, all about representations & reservations in politics 

Salar, 28th Sept 2021 - BBMP Elections: A planned delay or a legal mess? 

ToI, Bengaluru Times 25th Sept 2021 - Agara Lake paves way for cheap urban forests

Dighvijay News 19th Sept 2021 - Mega Debate, Demolition of Temples

Bangalore Mirror 10th Aug 2021 - BBMP's Army gets ready to safeguard our Lakes

New Delhi Chronicle 3rd Aug 2021 - King maker Deve Gowda back in action

News18 Kannada 27th July 2021 - Change of CM, Karnataka

Speaklive Blog 10th July 2021 - Digital Discrimination

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